In your Stornoway Gazette this week

Here are the images from some of the stories featured in your Stornoway Gazette this week.

Our page one lead highlights how climate change could bring a major economic boost to the Western Isles highlight by the picture of Holm Pier.

We feature visitors to the Islands celebrating 60 years of the Baha’i faith in the Western Isles and our picture is of Neil and Jane Macmillan.

The paper tees up all the fun of the upcoming Carloway show, and features an image of the sheep judging contest.

Fancy a mystery then our poster image tees up a Murder Mystery happening at Stornoway Town Hall.

Our picture of Highland cows highlights the story of the cattle finding a new home in the Swiss Alps.

Featuring Finnish singers at a special conference on Gaelic music in the Uists find out more in this week’s paper.

A picture marking featuring the lucky winner of the Loch Show car raffle

And our foreboding picture of a funnel cloud tees up our story about this weather phenomenon.

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