India gets taste of Loch Duart

Sangram and Lawrie.
Sangram and Lawrie.

The taste of India for Loch Duart has just been opened by a bright, young entrepreneur called Sangram Sawant.

He has a huge enthusiasm to raise the standard of seafood available for his customers in Mumbai, with a vision that fresh, good quality seafood can be offered direct to customers through the home delivery network he is developing.

Sangram is bringing HACCP-based hygiene routines to his staff and premises.

Many months of preparation have gone into sourcing the freshest, best tasting fish and creating new hygiene practices to provide a new offering to the premium seafood market of Mumbai - something that previously didn’t exist in India.

Loch Duart’s Sales Manager, Lawrie Stove, has been working closely over the phone with Sangram during 2013, but last week saw him standing right next to him in his outlet in Mumbai.

“I can’t help but admire this guy. The more I’ve got to know him and learn his philosophies, the more I realise that there’s more than a few similarities between Pescafresh and Loch Duart.

“Although younger than many of Directors at Loch Duart, he is every bit as unconventional, even to the point of being Indian and not following cricket!

“I learnt this as he pointed out Sachin Tendulkar’s townhouse in Bandra on our way to Nido, Vicky Ratnani’s new restaurant, where I was amazed and delighted to see Loch Duart mentioned by name on the menu of such a highly regarded figure in Indian and, indeed, International cuisine”.

“Pescafresh is bold enough to go the opposite way to everyone else, not for the sake of being contrary but because he is simply following something he passionately believes in – that his customers deserve a better quality of seafood.

“We spent Sunday afternoon looking at his S.I.S. (shop in store) concept which he has rolled out to some retailers around Mumbai and saw the fantastic array of fresh, local sea fish Pescafresh presents to discerning shoppers”.

Lawrie travelled as part of a Scottish Development International mission to India.

He had watched Loch Duart consignment for Sangram being packed and export certificates signed before flying out.”

The Indian consumer has been sold mainly frozen fish to date.

There is very bright future ahead for Pescafresh in India and Loch Duart looks forward to joining Sangram Sawant, his new company and the fish eaters of Mumbai on this exciting journey.