Interview with General Manager of Bethesda

SGD. 23646
SGD. 23646

As part of the 20 year anniversary celebration of the Bethesda Care Home and Hospice, the Gazette was lucky enough to catch up with Carol Somerville, the General Manager who has been part of the organisation from the beginning.

A naturally modest person who has worked tirelessly as part of the unique island care provider, sitting down and discussing her achievements and her role in the success of the hospice and care home is not something that comes naturally to Carol.

But when chatting instantly her drive and passion for the service she is part of is clear, and her wealth of experience and memories is both inspirational and touching.

Bethesda hospice has looked after more than 900 patients and the nursing home has been a home from home for many of the Islands’ elderly residents.

The vast number of people Bethesda has been there for is obvious from the continued community support which is vital to the running of the hospice itself, which relies on donations and fund-raising for half of its running costs.

“If you had said to me that I’d be working in a hospice and care home a few years before the start of Bethesda I would never have believed you,” Carol laughed.

“But I wouldn’t be anywhere else now. You can see the benefit of what you do and the difference you make to other peoples’ lives, it is a very rewarding job.”

For full interview see the latest issue of the Stornoway Gazette.