Invasive species clearance

As Spring slowly lingers towards Summer the Stornoway Trust await a new dawn thanks to the relentless purge on the invasive species which sadly over time displaced the once cherished mix of native and exotic woodland.

As well as creating light and space to allow the germination of suppressed and endangered fauna to flourish the cleared areas have also re-established many of the stunning vistas of Stornoway, its iconic castle and scenic harbour

An added bonus has been the reopening of hidden pathways and the creation of new cycle trails which now wind enticingly down shrub free slopes.

The Factor, Iain M Maciver, stated: “While opinions may vary on the eradication of the vast spread of rhododendron, salmonberry and the smaller pockets of japanese knotweed, it was a measure, in common with landowners across Scotland, that the Trust had to take.

“It was not an easy ask but the outcome offers us the chance to start a programme of restoration work which we hope will be helped in places by a natural regeneration process.

“The contractors and estate staff deployed on the project have to be commended for their effort and the public thanked for their patience and understanding while the works are in progress.”