Inverness flight cut linked to Comhairle budget decision


Two Stornoway/ Inverness flights have been scrapped as part an amended timetable following the Comhairle’s controversial budget decision to reduce Benbencula/Stornoway flights to three days a week.

Loganair, who run commercial flights between Stornoway and Inverness, confirmed at the start of this week that the number flights will be cut down from four to three on Mondays and Fridays.

A spokesperson for Loganair said: “The Inverness flight removed is a Benbecula/

Inverness flight via Stornoway. This reduction is linked to the reduction of the Benbecula flights.”

Asked if the Comhairle were aware of the impact the budget decision would have a Comhairle spokesperson said: “I think it would be fair to say that Members would be aware that decisions can have knock on effects to services, but I’m not aware of any specific notification from Loganair of impacts on other services prior to the budget setting. The Stornoway/Inverness route is a commercial leg and decisions affecting that are entirely a matter for Loganair.”

Last week it was revealed that Loganair are also removing a Friday flight between Stornoway andEdinburgh. However a direct flight between Stornoway and Edinburgh has been introduced on Mondays.

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