Isabelle is an exam history maker

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Star student Isabelle Bain didn’t just shoot to the top her Higher History class in 2015 - but her results saw her rocket to the top of country.

The 18-year-old, who is now studying at Glasgow University, was recently acknowledged by the Scottish Association of Teachers of History as having achieved the highest Higher History exam results across the whole of Scotland.

Earning a massive 98 per cent in her final exam Isabelle has proved to be a star student, something she is keen to continue as she studies both French and Law at Glasgow Univeristy.

Isabelle dropped just a single mark in the exam itself and just another mark in her assignment to rake in the superb result.

Her Higher History tutor at the Nicolson Institute was Bill Boyd who hailed her success as just rewards for her hard work.

“Isabelle did very well in the prelim exams and she scored something like 95 per cent so we expected a very strong result,” he said.

“But to get 98 per cent is a huge achievement especially when you consider she was up against some 2,500 other students taking the same exam across the country.

“It is quite astonishing.”