Island businesses urged to respond to delivery charge survey

Highlands and Islands (Scottish Labour) MSP Rhoda Grant is urging businesses across the region to respond to the Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) survey aimed at assessing the effects of high delivery charges to the North of Scotland.

Rhoda Grant MSP who recently launched a campaign to establish a separate postcode for Caithness and Sutherland believes that both businesses and individuals get a raw deal on charges due to the current set up.

CAS have argued that suppliers are unfairly charging firms in a number of postcode areas across the North of Scotland inflated postage prices that have no relation to the actual cost of shipping. This in turn has led to increased costs for both consumers and business which have increased pressures on small and medium size business who operate across the Highlands and Islands.

Mrs Grant said: “This is an issue that affects people right across the Highlands and Islands and not just those who live or operate outside the IV postcode; this is why I think it is important and will be actively encouraging businesses to respond to this survey.

“Consumers and businesses across the region have been getting a raw deal on postage for too long now. I believe the results of this survey will put pressure on the Government, regulators and suppliers to ensure the region gets a fair deal on postage. We need to pressure everyone involved to get their postal mapping right which would stop people being charged inflated delivery charges calculated by guesswork in many cases.

“A step in the right direction would be to establish a separate postcode for Caithness and Sutherland. The Royal Mail have already told us we need a clear body of evidence that demonstrates the postcode has adverse effects on the local service, this survey might help provide a substantial piece of evidence to help support that case.”