Island men in top ten of lowest life expectancy

The Western Isles has the eighth lowest life expectancy for men in the whole of the UK, but island women are outliving their mainland counterparts with one of the highest life expectancies.

Life expectancy at birth for island men is just 74 while for women it is 82.

Responding to Office of National Statistics figures which show that: on average life expectancy in Scotland continues to be the lowest out of all UK regions; that men and women living in Glasgow City continue to have the lowest life expectancy in the whole of the UK; and that seven of the ten areas with lowest life expectancy in the UK are in Scotland, Highlands & Islands MSP Rhoda Grant said: “With Comhairle na Eilean Siar featuring in the bottom ten of areas with low life expectancy and with seven of the bottom ten areas also being in Scotland, it should drive home to the SNP Administration that they need to do much more to tackle poverty and depravation in our communities. I am in no doubt that poor health is directly linked to low income and poverty.

Rhoda Grant continued: “ The Scottish Government need to stimulate job growth, create opportunities for the young, ensure employees obtain at least the living wage and do away with the post code lottery as far as health and other important issues are concerned.”

Life expectancy at birth (years): by sex, for 2008-2010:

Glasgow City (lowest out of all local authority areas in the UK)

Men: 71.6

Women: 78.0

Scotland average (lowest out of all regions in the UK)

Men: 75.85

Women: 80.43

UK average:

Men: 78.20

Women: 82.27

The full figures:

Seven of the bottom ten areas with the lowest life expectancy (male and female) are in Scotland.

Bottom ten areas with the lowest male life expectancy at birth (years), United Kingdom, 2008-2010:

North Lanarkshire: 74.3

Manchester: 74.1

Eilean Siar: 74.0

Belfast: 73.9

Dundee City: 73.9

Renfrewshire: 73.8

Blackpool UA: 73.6

West Dunbartonshire: 73.6

Inverclyde Scotland: 73.0

Glasgow City: 71.6