Island parents urged to ensure children vaccinated against measles

NHS Western Isls is to write to parents of all children aged 10-17 who are not fully immunised against measles in light of the significant outbreak in England and Wales.

Uptake of the MMR vaccination remains high in the islands but the health board are issuing letters to parents on available arrangements for immunisation to ensure protection.

Dr Louise Scott, GP Health Protection Team NHS Western Isles said: “NHS Western Isles continuously promotes the MMR vaccination in line with current recommendations, and encourages local GPs to do so also.

“In line with the rest of Scotland, our current MMR uptake figures continue to exceed the World Health Organisation target of 95%.

“We would advise anyone who has any concerns about measles, or questions about the vaccination against the disease, to contact their GP for advice.”

Further information about immunisations can be found at the Immunisation Scotland website at