Island pupils learn about the nature all around them

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The Outer Hebrides Fisheries Trust (OHFT) continued its ‘Salmon in the the Classroom’ project this autumn with visits to pupils in Balallan, Pairc, Uig, Bernera, Tong, Carloway and Breasclete primary schools.

The children were shown a presentation about the different freshwater fish species we have in the Outer Hebrides and the problems they face, but also how the children can help our fish populations to flourish in the future.

The children learned about the lifecycle of the salmon, from eggs and fry/parr in our rivers and burns, to smolts and adult fish at sea.

They were shown how it is important that we protect river habitats in order to give the juvenile salmon the best start in life, and to protect wild fish population for future generations.

Pupils were also shown live specimens of fish and insects from rivers or burns within a couple of miles (or meters in one case) of their school, with all being surprised by the amount of life in even the smallest burn.

Salmon, trout, eels, sticklebacks, shrimps, mayflies and stoneflies along with many others species, showed the children how important these freshwaters are to the biodiversity of the islands.

As in previous years the project was very well received in all schools, with children showing great interest in the fish and invertebrate species that live in their local rivers.

The Fisheries Trust encourages local children to enjoy our wild fish populations through angling, but also to protect them by practising Catch & Release as much as possible.