Island signs a nationwide hit

The Stornoway Plastics Factory has produced around 1,000 'Yes' signs which can be seen throughout Scotland.
The Stornoway Plastics Factory has produced around 1,000 'Yes' signs which can be seen throughout Scotland.

Gordon ‘Diesel’ Maclennan’s Stornoway Plastics Factory, renowned for making fishing creels, has been busy producing new products.

Over the referendum campaign the factory has made around 1,000 wooden ‘Yes’ signs which have become a familiar part of the island landscape during the referendum campaign.

Last weekend the water jet machine used to cut out the signs was running at full pelt producing just under 100 of them as the number of days before the historic vote was about the hit single figures.

The plywood signs have since been painted bright yellow and orange and are destined to be placed all around the island.

But it is not just in the Western Isles where they are popping-up. What started as a one-off quickly snowballed into a Scotland-wide campaign tool after a photo was posted on Facebook several months ago.

Since then the orders have been flooding in from across the country and the signs can be seen in Glasgow, Aberdeen, Inverness, Tiree, Uist, Barra, and Elgin to name just a few.

Gordon ‘Diesel’, an engineer by trade, is well known throughout the Western Isles for his fuel campaign which many credit with bringing down the price of island road fuel but he has also recently become a well known local ‘Yes’ activist.

He appeared on the Stornoway Gazette Big Referendum Debate panel and visitors to his factory have come accustomed to debating Scottish independence while placing an order.

Gordon ‘Diesel’ said: “They [Better Together] have never asked us for a ‘No’ sign’.” He laughed: “We say the machine doesn’t do ‘No’.”

George Peck, who works at the Stornoway factory, estimated they have produced around 1,000 signs during the referendum campaign and joked that there will be plenty of firewood available after September 18th.

Meanwhile a number of large ‘No Thanks’ signs have been spotted recently in the Western Isles as the campaigns, on both sides of the debate, intensify with just one week to go before the vote on September 18th.