Island smokers offered support to quit

Western Isles’ 7,295 adult smokers are being urged to make 2013 the year they quit for good - and to take advantage of the wide range of NHS services to help make it happen.

Giving up smoking is one of the most common New Year resolutions but people are more likely to succeed if they get help, rather than going it alone.

A new national campaign launched this week aims to make people aware of the support available and how to access it.

A 20-a-day smoker spends on average £50 a week on. To highlight this cost, the Scottish Government and Asda have produced an ‘alternative’ shopping list, showing that the money saved on breaking a 20-a-day habit could feed a family of four for a week.

During the campaign a Scottish Government community engagement team will visit 35 locations across Scotland to inform and advise smokers who want to quit.

Customers will be able to take lung ageing and carbon monoxide tests and also pick up quit calendars to support them through their quit attempts.

The campaign will highlight the support available to help customers stop smoking through both Asda pharmacies and through Smokeline.

Minister for Public Health, Michael Matheson, said: “Quitting smoking is the one of the best things someone can do to improve their health and for those who are considering quitting the New Year is a perfect time to do so.

“By quitting you can reduce the risk of a heart attack or coronary heart disease and as our new campaign shows it can also bring big savings when household budgets are tight.