Isles Alzheimer fund raiser event

Alzheimer Scotland will be going that extra mile for the 471 people affected by dementia in the Western Isles after announcing that it is Tesco Charity of the Year for 2011.

Along with Tesco and the Alzheimer Society, Alzheimer Scotland plan to raise £5million to fund essential research and bring dementia information, advice and support to communities all over the UK, helping to build a better future for people with dementia.

The Charity of the Year partnership, launched this month will fund Dementia Advisors and a Dementia Community Roadshow, which will combine to provide information, advice and direct support to people with dementia and their families in the Western Isles and the rest of Scotland.

The Dementia Community Roadshow is a mobile information unit, bringing information and advice to those living with dementia and raising awareness of dementia in local communities. Dementia Advisors will set up dementia support, connect people to local groups and services, help local communities to be more dementia-friendly and support people with dementia and carers to influence the policies and services that affect them.

Seventy three thousand people in Scotland have dementia and 471 of those affected live in the Western Isles. It is expected that this figure will double within the next generation. Therefore, getting information and advice about dementia into Scotland’s communities has never been more important.

Henry Simmons, Chief Executive of Alzheimer Scotland, says: “Alzheimer Scotland truly believes that no-one should go through dementia on their own. People with a diagnosis, their partners and their families need access to the right information and advice to help them make important decisions, plan ahead for future needs and be able to cope with the many problems that dementia brings. The Dementia Community Roadshows and the network of Dementia Advisors will help to make sure that those affected by dementia can find the help that they need anywhere in Scotland.”

Approximately 23% of Scotland’s population is now over the age of 60 and in local authorities categorised as predominantly ‘remote and/or rural’, this increases to between 25% and 30%. By 2033, this figure will increase to almost one third of Scotland’s population being over the age of 60; so therefore, the partnership could not have come at a better time.

Tony McElroy, Corporate Affairs Manager for Tesco Scotland , said: “There are 750,000 people living with dementia in the UK and every five minutes, someone new will develop the disease. This means many of our staff and customers will have a loved one or friend with dementia. We are very proud to have the opportunity to work with Alzheimer Scotland to make a real and lasting difference to their lives, from diagnosis through to treatment, and the entire team at Stornoway Tesco will be putting on a range of exciting and interesting fundraising events to ensure that we can raise as much money as possible for this worthwhile cause.”

Calling all volunteers! As part of the Tesco Charity of the Year partnership, Alzheimer Scotland and Alzheimer’s Society will be holding The BIG Collection at Tesco stores across the country on the 27th and 28th of May to raise money to build a better future for people with dementia. Our goal is to raise £350,000 over just two days across the UK.

We are looking for 1200 volunteers to collect at Tesco stores all across Scotland. If you would like to help, please register by calling 0845 678 7678, visit