Isles Conservative Stalwart honoured by local and national party

Local Association Chairman Murdo Macleod presenting Kenneth with his accolades
Local Association Chairman Murdo Macleod presenting Kenneth with his accolades
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Kenneth Finlayson, who has been an activist for the Western Isles Conservative Association for many years, was this week recognised for his hard work and loyal support, as he was presented with a commemorative scroll from the Scottish Conservative party and an engraved crystal bowl from his friends and colleagues in the local association.

Kenneth said: “I have been interested in current affairs from an early age, my interest in politics was whetted when Donnie B. Macleod, Scottish Unionist and Conservative stood against Malcolm K. Macmillan, the Labour incumbent for the Western Isles Constituency.

At that time Mr Macmillan held the seat. It was then that I saw the positive values of the Conservative Party. From then I talked and wrote up the Conservative ideals.”

He added: “This accolade from the local and national party took me by surprise. I was totally overwhelmed by the recognition given to my efforts. This scroll and crystal bowl will have pride of place in our home.”Association Chairman Murdo MacLeod commented: “On behalf of my Conservative Association members, it was an honour for me to present these honours to Mr Finlayson. Loyalty & commitment are a rare thing these days, especially with regard to ideals. Ideals are always formed by ideas, and the way in which Mr Finlayson’s lively mind has developed the thinking of the local Party over many years has earned our respect and gratitude.

“We wish him and his wife Peggy many blessings and happiness in the years ahead.”