Isles Labour candidate urges support for improved Aberdeen air link

Alasdair Morrison wrote yesterday, Friday January 23, to Danny Alexander, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, to request his support in improving the vital Aberdeen to Stornoway Air Link.

Alasdair Morrison said: “I have today called on Danny Alexander MP to ensure that any approaches made to the Regional Connectivity Fund in relation to the Stornoway to Aberdeen air route be actively encouraged and favourably received by his department. The current service, while welcome, needs to be expanded to meet the needs of those who rely on this lifeline service which is central to the economic viability of the islands.”

Mr Morrison wrote: ‘During my terms as an MSP I worked closely with your colleague Nicol Stephen, who at that time was the MSP for Aberdeen South and Scottish Transport Minister, and his successor Tavish Scott MSP. Our collegiate approach to transport challenges in the Highlands and Islands saw the development of the Stornoway to Aberdeen route and the establishment of the Air Discount Scheme. I am sure that you and your department would look favourably on any application to your Regional Connectivity Fund to further develop the air link between Stornoway and Aberdeen.

‘I have written to Eastern Airways urging them to apply to your Fund, with a view to having two flights a day between Stornoway and Aberdeen. I am certain that if the pragmatic approach taken years ago to establish the route can be adopted again we can see a welcome improvement in a service of great economic and social importance.’