Isles’ Sabbath observance causes twitter election debate

The Western Isles’ declining to count votes on a Sunday saw the islands at the centre of a twitter storm last night as the European Election results from the rest of Scotland poured in.

The observance of the Sabbath in the Western Isles means the final outcome of the vote for Scotland will not be known until later today.

Comments from users of the social networking site included: “I can’t believe the Western Isles won’t count on a Sunday. Just hire some non-religious folk!”

“Is there a reason why we can’t just ship the Western Isles’ ballot boxes to the mainland/21st century and get on with counting them?”

And: “The Western Isles get p***y about people doing anything on a Sunday. They’re proper weird. I think they use tin cans as phones.”

With one person posting: “If the Western Isles can’t man up and count their votes on a Sunday then they shouldn’t be counted. #Vote2014 #truthhasspoken”

However some on Twitter stood up for the islands’ stance on waiting until Monday to count the votes.

“I’m in the Western Isles. I’m not religious. I have no problem with votes not being counted or the general closedness on Sundays of things,” wrote one.

“Looking at it from the Western Isles not counting on a Sunday seems more progressive than some of the mainland voting patterns.”

“People are so keen to condemn bigot UKIP gains that they tweet abuse at Western Isles for delaying results for religious reasons. #irony”

Meanwhile Western Isles MP, Angus MacNeil, tweeted: “Quite amazing the intolerance shown by some Twitter trolls to the Sabbatarian traditions of the Western Isles #patience :) #EP2014”