Jailed over Boys’ Brigade abuse

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A shamed former Boys’ Brigade captain has been jailed for two years for sexually abusing two boys in his company more than 20 years ago.

Some of the abuse took place during a Boy’s Brigade camp in the Western Isles.

Andrew Gilmour, 76, from Glasgow, was told by judge Lord Bonomy: “You were in a position of very important trust.

“To do justice in this case it is necessary to impose a prison sentence.”

Gilmour was also placed on the sex offender’s register.

As he was led away to begin his sentence he said to family members: “Tell your mum I love her,” and then added: “I’m sorry.”

The High Court in Glasgow heard that he abused one of his victims when the boy was aged between 11 and 15. The victim , who is now 35, told of how he was groped in a church and church hall in Glasgow, as well as Gilmour’s home.

The former BB officer also fondled his second victim, who is now 40, on two occasions when the boy was aged between 13 and 14. This offence took place in Gilmour’s home.

Both victims were members of the Boys’ Brigade and Gilmour was a BB captain when the offence were committed between 1989 and 1995.

Gilmour’s 35-year-old victim said: “It was unforgivable because he was such a supposed upstanding member of the community.”

He would get one of his victims on his own under the pretence of putting play equipment away or preparing for a reading in the church.

The victim said he was abused by Gilmour in the church and church hall, as well as in Gilmour’s then home at Linthaugh Road, Glasgow.

He said: “What was happening was absolutely wrong. I was scared and felt confused.”

Advocate depute Lisa Gillespie said: “Were these things you wanted to do?” and the victim replied: “No, not at all.”

He told the court that he decided to come forward after seeing a woman victim who was abused as a child telling of her experience on television.

The man, broke down as he told the jurors: “The woman said during her interview: ‘If nothing else I can stop it happening to anyone else.’

“As I watched I felt disgusted with myself that I could have left there and let carry on with someone else and not done anything about it.”

He was asked if he was sexually abused in the church and replied: “Yes, one of the places was a room in the church where the minister would get ready.”

The victim added: “He would also touch me inappropriately when I was helping him set out the Bibles in the church.”

He also told of how he was abused in a church in the Western Isles during a Boys’ Brigade camp by Gilmour, a former worker at the National Savings Bank.

Defence QC Shelagh McCall said: “There was never any inappropriate touching of any kind,” and the man replied: “That’s not true.”

Gilmour, who denied all the charges against him, did not give evidence.

He continues to deny the offences.

Miss McCall argued for Gilmour not to be jailed saying: “He is elderly and unfit.”

She added that Gilmour’s wife would suffer financially if he was jailed.”