Joining Army Reserve Unit of 7Scots

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On Friday the 12th of August at the Army Reserve Centre on Church Street, Stornoway two local lads Niall Bryden and Robert Morrison were both attested in to the Army Reserve unit of 7 Scots.

It’s not every day that two members join HM Forces, and this event that was overseen by Lt Col Crawford Maclennan (who was recently presented with the rare distinction of an American medal the bronze star and is also just back from a tour in Kabul). Also witnessing the event was Rev Terry Taggart.

In completion of basic training Robert Morrision wants to become a Combat medic Technician (CMT) only one of the many rewarding roles that you get paid to do as a volunteer in the Army Reserve.

Niall is still keeping his options open as to what role he would like to undertake within 7 Scots.