Journalist who reported on Stone of Destiny passes

The journalist, Arthur Binnie, who broke the story that ‘The Stone of Destiny’ had been discovered at Arbroath Abbey after being stolen from Westminster Abbey some months previously has passed away.

Mr Binnie was born in Arbroath on July 6th, 1926 and died on February 2nd, aged 89.

It was in 1951 that he reported on the Stone of Destiny story and in that same decade he was also to report on the stealing of a fishing boat the Girl Jean, from Arbroath Harbour by a teenage schoolboy, who then disappeared with it in the North Sea for three days, and the capsizing of the Arbroath lifeboat at the harbour entrance with the loss of all but one of her crew.

In 1954, Arthur joined Aberdeen Journals and worked successfully on both daily papers before transferring in the early sixties to the BBC, to oversee the expansion of the Aberdeen newsroom. He enjoyed several short attachments to TV news in London as an organiser and planner and also worked on Pebble Mill at One in Birmingham.