Judge says Mackinnon and Millar robbed Liam of his life and devastated those of his family and friends

Giving a life sentence to Johnathan Mackinnon and Stefan Millar for the murder of Liam Aitchison at the High Court in Edinburgh today (Friday), Judge Lord Kinclaven said they had devastated the lives of the 16-year-old’s family and friends.

He said: “You robbed Liam Aitchison of his life and you have clearly devastated the lives of his family and many others.”

The judge added that Liam’s family had made statements about the impact of the crime on them showing their ‘grief, stress and anguish’ and nothing the court could do or say could compensate.

Liam’s father Norrie Aitchison and step-mum Claire were in court today to hear the sentence wearing jumpers bearing Liam’s photo and the slogan ‘Shine on our Crazy Diamond. RIP Liam’.

Speaking afterwards, Claire Aitchison said: “Nothing that happened in court today can change what happened and nothing can bring Liam back.

“We are happy that justice has been done and that these two brutal murderers will spend a long time in prison. We believe, however, that they are getting off lightly - life imprisonment should mean life.”

She added: “They killed an innocent boy in cold blood but, by the time they leave jail, they will still be young enough to make plans for the rest of their lives.”

She thanked the people of the Western Isles for their incredible support which had helped the family during their ordeal.

Our video shows Liam’s father making a statement outside Glasgow High Court on June 3rd shortly after the jury announced their Guilty verdict.