Junior choirs wanted

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An Comunn Gàidhealach are pleased to announce the launch of a new scheme in order to help establish new Junior Gaelic choirs.

The scheme has been undertaken in partnership with Comunn nan Còisirean (The Association of Gaelic Choirs) and aims to increase interest in junior Gaelic choral singing.

Conductor training and workshops will be offered to any new, potential choir as part of the scheme as well as other practical support such as providing and supplying songs and arrangements.

Kenny Thomson, chairman of the Association of Gaelic Choirs said, “The number of Junior Gaelic choirs competing at Mòds has gradually declined in recent years.

“We know that not all schools and areas have the skills, time and resources to be able to start up a choir and through this initiative we hope to be able to support any school or community that wish to do so.”

If you are interested in receiving support through this scheme, please contact James Graham at An Comunn for more details: james@ancomunn.co.uk. Tel: 01463 709705 or visit www.ancomunn.co.uk.