Kathryn shows them what she is made of for CBBC

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Summer 2014 took Kathryn Macleod, from Lewis to South Africa , as part of a group filming a CBBC programme ‘Show me what you’re made of’.

It started back in February when Kathryn aged 14 from Lower Bayble applied for the programme, which took a group of five young people ot South Africa to find out how people live and work.

Just when the Nicolson Institute pupil thought nothing would happen, phone calls started coming through wanting to find out more about her and why she thought she would benefit from the show.

After numerous interviews to narrow down the 800 applicants they finally decided on a group of five.

In July, a nervous and excited Kathryn and her mum Christine travelled down to Londonto meet the team of 10, including two cameramen, a sound man, presenter and director. After leaving her mum at the airport, she and the four other children headed out on an 11 hour flight.

The next three weeks were the busiest time of Kathryn’s life, waking up in a different place every day to drive to their work destination and would spend the day filming and ‘trying’ to work very hard!

The programme consists of five episodes, with a different task in every episode.

Talking about the trip, Kathryn said: “My favourite part was definitely meeting loads of different people and hearing what they had to say about things, sometimes living on the Island you it can feel like you’re in a bubble from everything else, so I got a chance to see what it was like on the other side of the world.

“The whole point was for me to be more grateful for what I had and I realised that people in Africa have to work so hard for sometimes just a little bit of money, so it definitely made me more grateful.”

If you would like to see the programme it airs on December 15th on the CBBC channel at 5pm.