Katie Morag back on Cbeebies today

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The new collection of English language Katie Morag Adventures begins on CBeebies today (Sunday 16th February) at 5.25pm, and it will be available on iplayer soon.

This block will see Katie Morag in various of her scrapes and misadventures.

Move on Up/Struay Pictures had a great experience working in Lewis, and would like to thank everyone there for their kindness and support during the production and post production periods.

Don Coutts said: “We had such a lovely summer up in Lewis, so many of the cast and crew have said it was their favourite job ever! A lot of this was down to the help and enthusiasm shown to us by the community up there.”

The company also would like to mention the amazing locations they used for the filming. Not least the studio space in Stornoway, which housed most of the interior sets.