Katie Morag casting call


Following the recent confirmation that the filming of the forthcoming CBeebies Production of the Katie Morag Series will base the shooting in Lewis, Highland TV Production Company Move on Up, are looking for the child who will play the role of Katie Morag.

The Production’s casting director, Orla O’Connor said: “The ideal girl would be aged between six and nine or possibly a young looking ten year old, with red hair, or possibly fair, with a Highland or Island accent. We’re really hoping to find someone from the area, perhaps a child who is having a similar childhood to that of Katie Morag herself - that would be fantastic!”

Orla and her team will be in Lewis from 9th - 12th March and holding a casting session on the Saturday and possibly Monday (venue TBC). Interested parties should submit their details assist@orlaoconnorcasting.co.uk.

Please note all submissions must be made by over 18s and, as well as a picture, should include contact details (email and telephone) for the parent/guardian as well as the first name and age of the child.

In addition to Katie Morag, as she has cousins and friends in the series, the company would also welcome any suggestions (again by email) of boys with red hair (7-13) and girls (6-9ish) who have either blonde hair or Asian skin colouring.

The subject of emails should be either ‘Katie Morag’or ‘Katie Morag’s Cousins/Friends’ where applicable.

Filming is set to take place on Lewis between the end of April and late August, this coming summer.

Keep looking on the Stornoway Gazette website for update on the venue for the casting session.