Kayaker rescued by Ullapool cruise boat

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More used to travellers from throughout the UK and the world, The Summer Queen cruise boat in Ullapool had an unexpected passenger yesterday (Tuesday 24th) when the weather took an unexpected turn and a Kayaker was caught out in Loch Broom.

A beautiful start to the day and fine forecasts had encouraged keen Kayaker Steve Mills of Laide to attempt a venture from Ullapool to Gruinard Bay. The weather changed and the wind blew up and Mr Mills found himself pinned in a bay and getting tired.

Fortunately, the Summer Queen was retuning from a morning cruise to the Summer Islands and Mr Mills called Stornoway Coastguard who notified the cruise boat.

After a brief search along the coast Mr Mills was located and taken aboard the Summer Queen to be taken ashore at Ullapool. Mr Mills did not sustained any injuries.