Keep your eyes peeled for hint of Halley’s Comet over Western Isles

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Halley’s Comet is set to light up British skies this week, the comet itself is not due until 2061, but it will be sprinkling some of its cosmic dust, which is expected to be visible to the naked eye, on Tuesday and Wednesday – a special treat for stargazers across the country.

If you spot anything from the Western Isles send us your pictures and videos of the spectacle, email your pictures and videos to: news@stornoway

This dust is likely to burn up in the Earth’s atmosphere – sparking a dramatic display which could produce 25 shooting stars every hour.

The display will be at its best around midnight in areas with low light pollution and little cloud. Stargazers will be keeping their fingers crossed for clear skies.

Halley’s Comet was discovered and named by Edmond Halley in 1705 but it has long been documented as early back as 240BC.