Keeping Benbecula beautiful for everybody

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The shared responsibility of maintaining Benbecula as a beautiful place to live, work and visit is the aim of a new engagement campaign .

Benbecula Community Council is at the forefront of the campaign ‘Keeping Benbecula Beautiful is Everybody’s Business’.

Speaking about its, Gail Robertson, Chair of the Benbecula Community Council, had the following message for Benbecula residents and visiting tourists: “We ask everyone picnicking at the many beautiful beaches and other scenic spots on the Island to take all items of rubbish with them when they leave and to dispose of it in an appropriate manner.

“There are strategically placed waste disposal bins for this purpose.

“Broken glass and metal can cause severe injury to young feet and plastics, as well as being non bio-degradable and unsightly can also be extremely dangerous to wildlife.”

Police Scotland and Comhairle nan Eilean Siar operate a zero tolerance approach to wilful dumping of rubbish and fixed penalty notices will almost certainly be issued by Police Officers to those found to be engaging in such practices.

On the subject of dog ownership Councillor Andrew Walker, Secretary of the Benbecula Community Council observed: “We know that the majority of Benbecula dog owners adopt a responsible attitude when it comes to clearing up after their pets.

However, those who choose to disregard our repeated pleas should remember that serious illnesses such as ‘Toxocariasis’ can be contracted from dog faeces and this condition can lead to blindness.

“All we ask is that dog dirt is disposed of immediately and in a responsible manner.’’

Councillor Walker also requested that visitors to the Islands be mindful of the lasting damage that can be caused to the fragile Machair land by driving vehicles over it.

He explained: “Wheels break through the top layer allowing the wind and rain to get through and erosion sets in.

“The Benbecula community wholeheartedly welcomes visitors to the Island, but please leave nothing but footprints and take nothing but precious memories.”

Benbecula Community Council is encouraging everyone to become involved with this vital campaign.

Picture courtesy of Custom Prints.