Kenny John makes historic entrance to Western Isles

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The youngest person to be counted in last week’s Census will be baby Kenny John Macaulay, who was born in Western Isles Hospital on Census Day. Kenny John arrived at 6.44am on Sunday March 27th, weighing in at 3.32 kilos, the first baby for proud mum Julie Murray and dad Donnie MacAulay, of 21 Port of Ness.

Babies born on or before Sunday 27 March are counted in Scotland’s biggest population survey – the 2011 Census.

Census Regional Manager Annie Delin said: “I must admit I was hoping the islands would have a Census baby to celebrate, and I am delighted that Kenny John chose to make his entrance to the world on such a historic day. We ask people to fill in their questionnaire as soon as possible, but we realise that Julie and Donnie might need a little longer to fill in the questionnaire, now there’s a new member of the family!”

Everyone has to be included in a census questionnaire – however old or young they are. Knowing how many babies there are in the islands, and combining that with other census statistics, such as those on housing and health, helps to allocate resources to future services.

With census day now past, many people may think that’s the end of the Scotland’s Census, but for staff at the local office the task is only just beginning. The Western Isles Census Team are now looking at rural areas of the islands, to see where addresses could have been missed out, and calling for householders to get in touch if they have not received a questionnaire.

Census Regional Manager Annie Delin said: “It won’t be news to anyone who lives here that our addresses on the islands are unusual. There could be five number 10s, or a 3a, 3b and 3c all in different parts of the croft. Your house might have a name instead of a number, or just your own name on the gate. Your postie probably knows who you are and where you live, but the database is a bit less clever. So we would like your help to fill in the gaps and ensure everyone is included in Scotland’s most complete survey of people and homes.”

Annie assures you that anyone who did not receive a questionnaire is not going to get into trouble. There’s still time to complete a questionnaire even if you don’t receive one for a few days. Just contact the census helpline on 0300 123 1702 and give your address, including postcode, to receive a questionnaire. Or speak to an enumerator if you know one locally, or contact the local office on 01851 706986 to ask for advice. If you or anyone you know was missed out on census day, get in touch now, and help fill the gaps in the Western Isles map.