Land and a Cow exhibition

The unique landscapes and colours of the Hebrides are evident in the Exhibition currently on display at the Doubtfire Gallery in South East Circus Place Edinburgh.

The four artists are all based on the Island of Lewis including Anne Campbell who was born and brought up in Bragar.

Anne’s paintings are based on her close study and observation of shores, seas, and wildlife with which she is so familiar.

David Grenfell has the talent of being a close observer of his surroundings and the ability to translate that on to emotive pictures of landscapes far removed from his place of origin on Merseyside.

David’s wife Ruth O’Dell is an honours graduate from Winchester School of Art and the family moved to Lewis in 1991. Her resulting work can be seen as a personal diary of pictures from peats to pastures.

From the North East of England Simon Rivett came to Lewis and has been a painting artist for over twenty six years. In his work is reflected his own observation and interpretation of the ever changing moods and colours of the Hebrides.

The Exhibition title is “Land and a Cow” taken from what was once regarded as the basic requirement for sustaining the life of Crofting. Admission is free of charge.