Laxdale Bridge traffic lights

New traffic lights should be in place at the Laxdale Bridge in April as well as other traffic management issues at the nearby primary school.

Councillors will next week be given an update on the plans to install traffic signals and improve infrastructure before the removal of the school bus services to Laxdale School.

A report to go before members of the Education and Children’s Services Committee on Tuesday and the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee on Wednesday details that work has been carried out in relation to the changes the council agreed to the Home to School Travel Policy. The changes agreed last year mean that bus services will not be provided for children living less than two miles from the school. As a result of the policy change, it was planned to end the three bus contracts the school.

In order to prepare for this situation with the potential for many more cars to be dropping off at the school and more children walking and cycling, certain improvements needed to be made to the surrounding area. Works costing in the region of £150,000 have now been identified.

Councillors will discuss the report next week.