Leader and MP will get RET meeting invite

Leader of the Comhairle Angus Campbell and Western Isles MP Angus MacNeil ARE invited to the meeting between local hauliers and the Transport Minister Keith Brown next week.

The Outer Hebrides Transport Group (OHTG) had expressed concern yesterday (Thursday) that the two politicians had been missed off a list of attendees issued by the Scottish Government for the meeting to discuss the removal of RET from commerical vehicles

However in further correspondence between the Group and the Minister, it seems to have been cleared up.

In a letter to Mr Brown, OHTG Co-ordinator Gail Robertson said: “Everyone involved with the Outer Hebrides Transport Group (OHTG) is delighted that you’ve finally agreed to allow our MP and Council Leader to attend next Tuesday’s meeting. Both gentlemen have clearly expressed their views on the proposal to impose a haulage and household tax on island families and businesses, and their input will help inform the discussion.

“In light of your decision, all involved with the OHTG will embrace and go to next week’s meeting with a renewed spirit of co-operation. We look forward to presenting our positive case for the retention of RET for commercial vehicles.”