Letter - Stringent means testing needed

Sir, - While in Stornoway for the Festival we had a bit of time to mull over Aonghas Eoghainn's thought-provoking correspondence from a recent edition of the local newspaper and I, like most hard-working taxpayers, appreciate where he is coming from as he eloquently articulated his thoughts appertaining to means testing.

Aonghas could have elaborated much more on the cavalier and deceitful approach so-called saintly islanders and, of course less devout souls, readily embrace in relation to the myriad of social benefits so effortlessly procured by scheming charlatans who set themselves from all moral absolutes, thieving, deceiving and prevaricating with much about the same ease as they breathe.

Having observed the workings of Food Banks it is painful to get one’s head round how ludicrous this farcical concept really is. We have seen for ourselves allegedly “disabled” and supposedly “poverty-stricken” free-loaders stuffing their Motability cars with the “goodies” on offer while they, and their already well provided for sprogs, flaunt every electronic mobile contraption imaginable.

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Many on relatively poor wages struggle every day of their lives just simply to feed their families without constantly begging for public assistance. It might not be politically correct to suggest here that bleeding heart liberals along with loony leftist factions have paved the way for seasoned benefit cheats, an assortment of bone idle layabouts and barefaced reprobates with no principles, no morals and no shame to brazenly make a monkey out of the inordinately benevolent Government agencies.

Stringent means testing by the relevant authorities ought to be seriously reinforced. Lessons in social moral issues and the termination of unwarranted sickness, housing, Motability, disability and an obscene number of other sham benefits splashed out like confetti at the drop of a hat would also be vigorously applauded by those of us who are genuinely “just about managing.”

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