Letters December 29th

Disapproval OF DANCE

I am writing on behalf of the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) Presbytery of Skye and Lochcarron in response to an advert carried previously in the WHFP for a dance to be held in the Skye Gathering Hall, Portree, on Sunday, January 1.

We disapprove of this innovation, which is clearly at odds with the biblical standards of our forefathers, who would never have allowed such an event to take place.

We are appalled that the Christian Sabbath is being desecrated in such a cavalier way without regard to the religious convictions held by many in our community.

We are astounded that in the week a report was issued by NHS Highland stating its concern for the over provision of alcohol in Skye, and its desperate effects, that the local licensing Board consider it appropriate to grant a licence for the sale of alcohol at this event, on the one day in the whole year when alcohol is NOT readily available.

The Presbytery in reaffirming its biblical opposition to this event taking place, adopted a motion stating its great disappointment that a dance was to be held in Skye Gathering Hall, Portree, on the Christian Sabbath, January 1, 2012.

It was agreed that the Presbytery condemn this unwarranted and unbiblical practice of Sabbath desecration.

It was further moved and agreed that it notes with immense disquiet the disregard for the Christian Sabbath day within its bounds.

It recommends that all avenues be pursued to remind our fellow-man of their responsibilities relating to the observance of the Fourth Commandment and it encourages the Lord’s people to take a stand for His truth in these days.

The Presbytery seeks the re-establishment of the Lord’s Day Observance Society within its bounds.

The Presbytery further deplores Sabbath desecration within the visible church even in matters relating to the arrangement of pulpit supply for the Sabbath services.

It further reminds all its own ministers and interim-moderators that the use of public transport (perceived as commercial transport) is not to be used on the Sabbath, even in the provision of Church services. REV RICHARD ROSS


It seems the outside world views Stornoway as a deeply religious town, and Lewis an island that thrives on strong religious tradition, but in an excellent piece Rev. Iain D. probes further and asks “Are we religious enough ?” (Viewpoint 8.12.11).

In his closing paragraph he concludes that we aren’t, and though I agree with the illustrations he provides, it might be prudent to add that not all religion is good, nor for that matter is a state of being religious necessarily a good thing.

Quite the reverse can be true, for there’s no shortage of evidence to say that religion of a particular sort may bind and fetter. In Christian circles a man may consider himself thoroughly religious yet be on a wholly wrong road, and have missed the mark entirely.

I think no hymn-writer has better expressed the freedom God intended for His children than Charles Wesley in his magnificent ‘And can it be that I should gain’. Well worth a read and guaranteed to drive a quickening ray into any dungeon of the soul. KEITH FERNIE

Telly trouble

Could someone tell me who do you see about a complaint about the Highland and Islands transmitter?

I seem to lose the picture power and the picture breaks up. It started when we had the three-in-a-day power cut a few weeks ago.

I tried the TV booster which was okay for a while, but the problem comes back. A CAMPBELL