Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor.
Letters to the editor.

Letters to the editor, The Stornoway Gazette, edition October 22, 2015.


Councillor Crichton makes a very good point when he questions why the Scottish Administration allowed island ferry services to be put out to tender in 2005. Despite advice and the EU ruling on the German bus services (Alt Mark) Jack McConnell’s Labour administration proceeded to put the ferry service out to tender when there was ample justification to opt out .

Labour having set the precedent and has made it difficult for any future administration to opt out of the tendering process. For the Scottish Government to opt out now they would probably have to identify what has changed in the past 10 years. The EU would probably tell us if it was not applicable in 2005 it is not applicable now. The opportunity was lost under Jack McConnell’s bungling branch office who put big business and Middle England before the people they represented.

Councillor Crichton is misleading the electorate by suggesting the service could be privatised. The ferries and other assets belong to the Scottish Government and will continue to do so regardless of whoever wins the contract. What is being tendered for, is the opportunity to manage these assets in line with the contractual requirements of Transport Scotland

Archie Harper

27 Shulishader


Isle of Lewis


I always read the LDOS Gazette pieces but I feel there is a misunderstanding in the 15/10/15 issue saying the first day of the week God created light. This particular light of day one is distinct from the Sun because the Sun will not be created until the fourth day. It is a unique light that provided light for the first three datys, this light was uncreated, being the shechinah glory light, the visible manifestation of God’s presence.

The Genesis story was written in Hebrew and the so called first day begins with evening and morning phraseology, a 24-hour period and the Hebrew translation into English should be day one, not first day.

This word number one is represented by the cardinal form One, rather than the ordinal form first. Interrestingly the ordinal form is used for other days ie - second day day, third day etc.

First day simply says one day, the term is a compound unity as well as an absolute one. Evening and morning of what is alled first day constitutes two parts of one day.

The term first implies precende over another when both are in existence; in this case the second day had not come so the term applies to day one. The Hebrew people’s calendar to this day ios based on creatuion story and the first day of the week, Sunday, has not got precendene over the Bible Sabbath day, which used to be called the seventh day.

In this case the Sunday we call Lord’s Day is not only light giving day and when he sends out his light and truth, it will not be a light that’s created but manisfestation of God’s presence. So sorry to have to be so pedantic, when the LDOS are trying so hard to make up a theology for Sunday.

Donald Murray

Suilven Way



I am bringing to the attention of the residents of Portvoller, Aird and Broker, that a huge turbine is in the planning stages for the area.

As well as being a blot on the landscap the noise produced will be quite noticable to people near and far.

There is also a danger to residents and neighbours of blades sheering in the 100 mph gusts.

We also have a population of birds including a sea eagle and recently a small owl.

Due to a loophole in planning only a couple of houses will be notified by the planning department. In this case people should be notified within a mile radius as it is uch a large construction.

A Smith

Portvoller, Point


It is reported that the UK government is rushing through the vote on Trident renewal for the end of the year. The timing is exquisite. This is our Christmas message to the rest of the world. The Magi brought gifts of gold, frankinsence, and myrrh for the infant Prince of Peace; we commemorate his birth by bringing burning, blasting and irradiation to his children, our brothers and sisters.

Sod the “peace and goodwill to all mankind” stuff, we are renewing our capacity to blow the world to hell if we want. And there’s nothing you can do about it - they think.

UK government doesn’t want Trident renewal to be an issue in the 2016 Holyrood election. The best respose we can make is to ensure that the issue is given the priority it undoubetdly deserves, and refuse to vote for any Unionist ie. pro-Trident party.

The Pope, the Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu and 117 nations of the world have called for an international treaty banning nuclear weapons, as articulated in the Vienna Initiative. The British government ignores this, and persists in strutting the world’s stage defying all morality, and the will of humanity, and as if we alone were entitled to deploy nuclear WMD.

This is our nuclear White Man’s Burden, bestowed by divine favour on us but forever denied to all lesser breeds, the sacrosanct symbol of imperial might and status. It is the epitome of hubris.

All the British nationalist parties are hooked on the nuclear fix. Independence, and independence alone, will free us and our English friends from enslavement to this nuclear idolatry.

Brian Quail

Hyndland Avenue



When does a fisherman make a new net? Or a shepherd move the flock to a new pasture? When does a senior leadership serve the big picture rather than spend all its time managing the details?

All leaders are only competent within the margins available; if the external conditions to which the margins are applied, change, then we need new margins, and we need leaders who can develop system capacity to counter against inefficient leadership systems, such as systems that cannot deal with changing conditions, and who produce, very ineffective solutions, eg, in Syria and everything that goes with it.

Climate change denial and gender repression, for example, are done via a drip-by-drip culture, organised to sustain existing leadership system, in closed systems, such as single gender monopolies achieving long term homo-gender leadership.

Faith relates to ability to digest, and church fails, if it fails to feed the people foods they are able to digest, however professional or practised the cook or pretty the food.

Cooking without a full cupboard of ingredients, or full representation for leadership criteria, fails, like a cake without flour fails, in the achievement of full doctrinal purpose, which is based on, any form at all of, provision for all.

It is like ignoring most of the sheep.

H Mansfield

11 Ford View




This week is ‘Get Safe Online Week’ where events are held across the country to give people, particularly the UK’s most vulnerable citizens, advice on how to protect themselves against fraud while using the internet.

However, despite their best efforts, the statistics tell a worrying story. According to Financial Fraud Action UK, internet banking losses rose by an incredible 27 per cent over the last year, leaving the UK’s consumers £51.2 million out of pocket. This is despite the assurances of banks and other service providers that their online account management is the safest it has ever been.

Many people feel compelled to make the ‘digital leap’ after relentless pressure by many of the UK’s big businesses; in some cases people are moved online without even being consulted. However, recent adopters are much more likely to be people who are unfamiliar with the perils and pitfalls of the internet. While the internet undoubtedly offers many perks, if a user doesn’t have basic digital skills they are far more susceptible to being preyed on by unscrupulous fraudsters, particularly if they are using it to manage something as sensitive as their finances.

The Keep Me Posted campaign, wants everyone to have the option to manage their bills and statements in a manner that is appropriate for them.

Not everyone is willing or ready to go online and the UK’s service providers have no right to make that decision on behalf of consumers.

Judith Donovan CBE,

chair, Keep Me Posted