Lewis Car Club Charity Drag Race

The Flyin Fyfer
The Flyin Fyfer

Lewis Car Club are hosting their charity drag race on Saturday, May 31st, at 6pm.

This is the first of two ‘Run what ya Brung’ drag races that will take place at Stornoway Airport, all to raise money for local charities.

The Saturday event has attracted interest from all over Scotland: Caithness Car Club and Northern Fords will be visiting the island with a great section of cars from Escort RS2000’s, Cortinas and Sierras through to a TVR and a Classic Mini.

There are also two full blown drag cars attending: Colin Millar AKA The Flyin Fyfer in his 1200BHP V8 Nitros injected Ford Anglia, which recently ran a 7.8 second quarter mile pass at Santa Pod raceway in Northamptonshire, and Jim Fairbairn in his Hot Rod ‘32 Ford 3 window Coupe with a 7.0 V8, which can dash up the quarter mile in 10 seconds. The look, sound, feel and smell of these cars launching up the strip is not to be missed.

Lewis Car Club, in association with HIAL and sponsored by Smiths Garage- Contin and Hebridean Plant Hire, organise two ‘Run what ya Brung’ drag races each year.

Entry forms for the event are available from Autoparts Stornoway and should be handed in before 5pm on Wednesday, May 28th. Spectator entry is £5 which goes to local charities. The second drag race of 2014 is planned for 5th July.