Lewis-girls visit Japan on Scout trip

Scout Katie Emmott
Scout Katie Emmott

Scouts from the Highlands and Islands joined almost 300 Scouts and adult volunteers from all over Scotland to have the adventure of a lifetime at the 23rd World Scout Jamboree in Japan.

The Scottish Scouts joined 4,000 other Scouts from across the UK and 33,000 others from nearly every country in the world for two weeks of activities, fun and making new friends in the most truly international event on the planet.

When they arrived the Scouts stayed with families in Tokyo for three days, which saw the capital taken over by Scouts getting to know each other, seeing the sights and taking part in traditional cultural activities, before they travelled to the Jamboree site near Yamaguchi City in the South of Japan by Bullet Train to take part in 7 days of activities.

Katie Emmott, 17, from the Isle of Lewis said: “I’ve just loved being surrounded by Scouts from different countries and cultures. Just sitting in our campsite I learned so much with Scouts from all across the world visiting, singing songs, playing games and coming to say hello. It has made me realise just how big the Scout movement is and I just love being a part of it all.”

As part of the Jamboree experience the Scouts were given a unique opportunity to visit the Peace Park at Hiroshima - the site at which the first atomic bomb was dropped almost exactly 70 years ago. This part of the Jamboree programme took Scouts in mixed groups from almost every nation on earth to experience the solemn and reflective atmosphere created in the Peace Park.

The World Scout Jamboree included seven days of activities, with modules based around global development, peace programme (based at Hiroshima), exploring nature, Crossroads of Culture, and City of Science (COS).

The Scouts will return home from their adventures this week.