Lewisman breaks world record for most jokes in an hour

A Lewisman man has joked his way to the world record for the most number of jokes told in an hour.

Financial actuary and “comedian in residence” for Scottish Friendly, Donald Macleod (stage name – “Donnie Maroot”), from the Isle of Lewis, joked his way into the Guinness Book of Records for telling the “Most Jokes in an Hour”.

He told 580 jokes in the Park Bar, Glasgow, beating the current record held by Australian, Michael Lehman of 549 set in May 2005 at the Rhino Club in Adelaide.

Prior to that the record was held by comedian, television personality and brother of Jeremy, Tim Vine. Tim is perhaps most famous for hosting the Channel 5 quiz show ‘Whittle’ as well as appearing in the hit TV show ‘Not Going Out’. He broke the Most Jokes in an Hour record back in October 2004 by telling an impressive 499 jokes in an hour.

Donald, author of the “Awful Joke Book”, also used the occasion to raise money for four charities in the Western Isles - Bethesda Care Home & Hospice in Stornoway, Harris House in Tarbert, Tagsa Uibhist in Benbecula and Cobhair Bharraigh in Castlebay. He has already raised more than £10,000 for the charities.

Commenting on his success Donald said: “I am clearly delighted to have beaten the previous record, while having a laugh into the bargain. Over the years I’ve subjected my poor friends and family to numerous awful jokes and it has been great to put this to some use by raising money for some great causes.”

Those looking to donate can do so by going to the website - www.justgiving.com/DonnieMaroot or

By text message - to donate £10 Text QFEP72 £10 to 70070

Links to jokes (all his own work) below and examples:


1) Where’s the best place in Eastern Europe to find a Tellytubby?

Po land

2) How do you make a pirate angry?

Take away the p

3) How do Caledonian MacBrayne do the dishes?

Ferry liquid

4)Standing in newly poured cement caused me to lose six games of tennis in a row.

It was a very quick set

5) What did the upholsterer wear to his job interview?

A three piece suite

6) Two arrest warrants walk into a bar.

Barman says: “Sorry, I can’t serve you here

7) Why did the football team of artists never win a match?

They ended up drawing every game

8) Madame Tussaud’s have a really lifelike waxwork of Bono singing a U2 song

It’s even better than the real thing