Lewisman sentenced for ‘evil and sadistic’ behaviour

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Thirty five year old George Macaulay from Stornoway was sentenced to four years in prison at Stornoway Sheriff Court today (Friday) for the vicious assault of another man.

In sentencing Mr Macaulay, Sheriff Sutherland said: “This is one of the most evil and sadistic examples of behaviour to come before Stornoway court in recent years. It may have been drink fuelled but that only makes the matter worse.”

Mr Macaulay appeared at Stornoway Sheriff Court to stand trial for the crime at the end of January but changed his plea to Guilty on the second day.

On November 5th 2012 at an address in Stornoway he assaulted another man who lived there by repeatedly burning him with a lit cigarette and striking him on the head with a bottle. He also exposed his private member and ordered the man to perform a sex act.