Lews Castle College UHI launches Gaelic degree course

The BA (Hons) Gaelic Scotland course will cover Highland history, heritage and literature, as well as studying community and language development issues.

It will be taught using English, and is unique in that it offers three language-learning pathways, with separate strands for beginners, intermediate level and advanced learners/fluent speakers, meaning that although students may have different starting points they will all have the opportunity to develop their language skills throughout the course.

Speaking at the launch of the degree, Alasdair Allan, Minister for Learning, Science and Scotland’s Languages, said: “The launch of a new degree in Gaelic is, of itself, cause for celebration but I think it is also important to recognise how Lews Castle College has developed this course to give many more people the opportunity to share its expertise.”

The BA Honours course is available to students through a range of study routes including a blend of online and videoconference delivery - with the first group of students enrolling in September.

For further information on the wide range of Gaelic and other learning opportunities available visit Lews Castle College website.