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The High Court in Glasgow heard evidence from intelligence analysts at today's (Thursday) proceedings in the trial of Johnathan Mackinnon and Stefan Millar (both 22) who are accused of murdering Liam Aitchison in November 23rd 2011.

Mairi Matheson (43) an Intelligence analyst said she was not a police officer but her role was to assist in investigations by collating and managing data.

In the investigation into the murder of Liam Aitchison, she had been involved with looking at telephone records from a number of phones and particularly activity between 11pm on November 22nd 2011 and 7am on November 23rd.

The call records had come from Vodafone and showed a record of all activity on phones looking at both calls and text messages.

Johnathan Mackinnon’s phone was examined and several calls and text messages were shown before midnight on November 22nd but then a period of inactivity from 12:23am to 1:20am. He then made three calls, two to the same number and one to another. His mobile phone then showed an attempt to phone his current girlfriend several times and another number and the his ex-girlfriend and a series of text messages had followed. A further attempt to phone his current girlfriend then followed.

Stefan Millar’s phone showed he received a text at 23:11pm on November 22nd and then sent a text to a number at 23:34pm. A text message was received from Johnathan Mackinnon’s mother Bella Mackinnon and then a voice call later. A text message was sent to another number at 2:02am and then a string of 50 messages were sent between the phone and another belonging to a Lorna Macdonald, between 2:04am and 3:35am. A message was sent to his boss early that morning and then a phone call was received from him.

Defence QC Frances McMenamin pointed out there had been a lot of texting going on between Stefan Millar and Lorna Macdonald before the time examined and was not the case that he had come back to the house in Plasterfield that night and ‘suddenly started texting’ her.

Evidence was also given by Mark Ferguson (40) a Forensic Computer Analyst based in Inverness.

He had been looking at activity on Johnathan Mackinnon’s mother, Bella Mackinnon’s phone.

The records showed that a text message had been sent from the phone to Stefan Millar's phone but showed this as November 24th rather then November 23rd. Mr Ferguson said it was possible that the date stored on the phone could have been set wrongly and this could mean it appeared incorrectly in the data.

Mr Ferguson also stated that examination of Johnathan Mackinnon’s phone had found a contact stored on it which was Liam Aitchison’s number.

Final witness of the day was Detective Constable James Morrison (51) who is based in Inverness but was involved in part of the enquiry into the murder of Liam Aitchison in Stornoway early in the investigation. He had been later called to attend at Porterfield Prison in Inverness to take a statement from Dominic Long on August 8th 2012. The court heard last week from Dominic Long who was a cell-mate of Stefan Millar at the end of 2011 and alleged in his statement that Mr Millar had admitted that he and Mr Mackinnon had murdered Liam Aitchison.

In questioning Mr McSporran asked Mr Morrison: “In the course of discussions with Dominic Long, did you or your colleague offer any details of the crime?” No, he replied. Mr McSporran also asked if any reward had been offered for Mr Long's co-operation? No, he answered.

“He came across as a genuine person,” he said.

In cross examination by defence Ms McMenamin, she asked if Dominic Long had had any difficulty in remembering what Stefan said. No, said Mr Morrison. She asked him if he knew of the drug and health problems Mr Long had experienced. He said he did not.

The trial continues before Lord Kinclaven. Both accused deny the charges against them.