A Lewis taxi driver told the High Court in Glasgow today (Friday) that Liam Aitchison had been sleeping in the derelict house in Steinish where his body was found and that the last time he had seen the teenager he had said: ‘If I last that long’.

The ongoing trial of Johnathan Mackinnon and Stefan Millar (both 22) – who are accused of murdering Liam Aitchison at 17 Steinish on November 23rd 2011 – heard evidence from Donald John Macrae (41).

Mr Macrae said he had known Liam since he had started working on a fishing boat out of Stornoway and that he regularly gave him a lift in his taxi free of charge.

Defence lawyer Iain Paterson said: “You did this out of the goodness of your heart?”

Mr Macrae agreed and said: “When someone is struggling, I didn’t mind helping him out.” He said he knew Liam’s position in that he didn’t have a permanent address.

He said he had given Liam a lift to the house in Steinish on a few occasions and that Liam had been sleeping at the house.

He was asked about the last time he saw the teenager and he said he thought it was in November 2011 and that Liam had been ‘concerned’ and had asked him a couple of questions.

Mr Macrae said: “He was concerned, he was normally a jovial kind of guy.” He said Liam had been ‘quite low’ but he remembered he was looking forward to seeing his girlfriend.

On parting, Mr Macrae had offered to help him find accommodation when he returned from a trip to the mainland and Liam had said: “If I last that long.”

Mr Macrae added: “Those were his last words to me. I feel guilty about that to this day.”

Johnathan Mackinnon and Stefan Millar deny the charges against them. The trial before Lord Kinclaven continues.

Further reports of today’s proceedings will be added later this evening.