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Stefan Millar denied he had any involvement in the murder of Liam Aitchison as he gave evidence at the High Court in Glasgow today (Tuesday).

The trial of Stefan Millar (22) and Johnathan Mackinnon (22) - who are accused of murdering Liam Aitchison on November 23rd at 17 Steinish - continued today with one of the accused taking to the stand.

Mr Millar denied that he had murdered Liam Aitchison and also said he had never been at the house in Steinish where Liam’s body was found.

His defence lawyer Frances McMenamin asked: “Did you kill Liam Aitchison?”

“No, I never,” he said.

“Did you take any part in the attack on him that resulted in his death? No, he replied.

“Were you in the house in Steinish when he was attacked?” No, I wasn’t, he said.

Mr Millar said he had known Johnathan Mackinnon since they were about 15 and had both attended the Nicolson Institute. He said they were close friends. He added that he had met Liam Aitchison in the summer of 2011 on the pier at Stornoway and they had become friends.

On the night when it is alleged that Mr Millar and Mr Mackinnon murdered Liam Aitchison, Mr Millar said he and Mr Mackinnon and Liam had been drinking at Mr Mackinnon’s home in Plasterfield and had gone out again about half past 12. Prior to that he and Liam had been at a house in McCallum Place and had walked to Plasterfield in the rain and had been soaked. On arriving at Mr Mackinnon’s house they had changed their wet clothes. He said when they arrived he could tell Mr Mackinnon had had a drink and was slurring his words and was a bit uneasy on his feet. He said they had all drunk vodka straight and wine but that he had not consumed as much as the other two. At one point Liam had tried to climb out of the window because Mr Mackinnon’s mother was shouting at Mr Mackinnon for drinking and playing music too loud but Liam had thought she was shouting at him.

Mr Millar was asked about his mobile phone activity during the time he was at the house in Plasterfield and later and was asked why all activity had stopped between 23:34pm and 2:02am. He said this was because they were out in the rain.

He explained that when they left the house, Liam was ‘messing about, rolling about in the road and trying car doors.’ Mr Millar said he and Mr Mackinnon had told him to stop it. He said a bottle of Mr Mackinnon’s aftershave had fallen out of Liam’s pocket and Mr Mackinnon had punched Liam. He also said Mr Mackinnon had punched Liam when they were still in the house.

Ms McMenamin asked: “Did he (Liam) ever fall in a ditch?” No he had not, said Mr Millar although he had fallen on the verge and pavement 'just by tripping over his own feet'.

“At any time on the way down the road did you lay a finger on Liam Aitchison?” No, he said.

He said the plan had been to go to the Cearns and see if they could get anything to drink but Liam had left them around Anderson Road Nurseries to head back to McCallum Place.

He was then asked if he had ever been along the Steinish Road? No, he said and he had never been to 17 Steinish, he was 100 per cent sure of that.

Ms McMenamin referred to a statement made by Johnathan Mackinnon when he was interviewed as a witness when he said he had been to the house in Steinish before and had also been there with Mr Millar. Mr Millar said that was not true.

He said they had been unable to get in contact with anyone in the Cearns so they had gone to the garage of a derelict house near Fusion takeaway.

He said on December 10th when he was taken to Stornoway Police Station as a suspect in the murder case, he had not been worried as he hadn’t done anything and when he was taken to prison in Inverness he had been ‘pretty devastated’.

He said the information he had he had given to his cell mate Dominic Long was based on what the police were accusing him of doing and not what he had actually done. Dominic Long appeared as a witness earlier in the case and alleged that Mr Millar had admitted to him that he and Mr Mackinnon had killed Liam Aitchison.

Both Stefan Millar and Johnathan Mackinnon deny the charges against them. The trial before Lord Kinclaven continues.