Murder accused, Stefan Millar, told his cell mate that he and Johnathan Mackinnon killed Liam Aitchison, the High Court in Glasgow heard today (Monday).

The two men are on trial for the alleged murder of the 16 year old on November 23rd 2011 at a house in Steinish on Lewis.

On the fifth day of proceedings, evidence was heard from 17-year-old Dominic Long.

Mr Long was questioned at length by Advocate Depute Mr Iain McSporran on a conversation he told police he had had with Mr Millar while they both in Porterfield Prison in Inverness at the end of 2011.

At first Mr Long said he could not remember anything about the conversation but eventually said Mr Millar had told him that he and Mr Mackinnon had committed the murder.

“He (Mr Millar) told me that he killed him,” he said. “He said they were out drinking and taking acid together.” He said Mr Millar had told him Liam had a bottle of Johnathan Mackinnon’s Paco Rabanne 1 Million aftershave in his pocket and Mr Mackinnon said he was ‘going to kill him.’

“They seen him later that night and they took him up to the derelict house where they killed him," he said.

“How did they kill him?” asked Mr McSporran. “They stabbed him,” said Mr Long.

In cross examination by defence QC Frances McMenamin, Mr Long admitted that he had had a drug problem and suffered from ADHD.

She asked him about his first meeting with Mr Millar and he said they had asked each other what they were in prison for. Mr Millar had said he was in for ‘an alleged murder’ he said. Mr Long had asked him ‘if he had done it’ when they were sharing a cell and he said ‘innocent until proven guilty’ but when Mr Long asked him again he said he had done it.

“I think it was more of a brag, it wasn’t a confession,” said Mr Long.

Ms McMenamin asked: “Do you remember Stefan Millar teling you anything about leaving the boy going off to some other pal’s house?” No, he said.

“Might he have told you that and you just can’t remember?” “Possibly,” he replied, “but I can’t remember.”

“He told you all of this the second night you were with him?” she added. “And you continued to share a cell with him?”

Mr Long said he didn’t have much choice but said: “I wasn’t really comfortable sharing a cell with him, I don’t think anybody would.”

Mr Millar had then moved cells and Mr Long did not report what he had heard.

It was later that he was questioned by police and only gave a statement in August 2012 when he told them about the conversation.

Ms McMenamin said: “You are standing there telling lies. You are either lying or twisting what he told you.”

Both men deny the charges against them. The trial continues before Lord Kinclaven.

Further reports of the day's proceedings will appear later this evening.