The trial of two men accused of murdering 16 -year-old Liam Aitchison in November 2011 was adjourned today (Wednesday) while some administrative work is carried out.

It was adjourned yesterday for the same reason and is due to resume tomorrow.

Johnathan Mackinnon and Stefan Milar - both 22 - are accused of murdering Liam on November 23rd 2011 at a derelict property in Steinish near Stornoway.

On Tuesday morning the court heard from Liam's former girlfriend 17-year-old Ashley Macdonald who said she had seen him on November 25th 2011, but she said she had later realised that was a mistake and it was actually the week before on November 17th or 18th.

Both men deny the charges against them.

Yesterday would have been Liam Aitchison's 18th birthday.