Lifeboat station £60,000 pontoon appeal

A lifeboat rescue (stock image).
A lifeboat rescue (stock image).

A lifeboat station is launching an appeal to raise £60,000 to fund a new pontoon, with a £10,000 donation already given.

Leverburgh Lifeboat Station was founded in May 2012, initially on a trial basis. Since then, the station has become a permanent feature within the community and is run by a dedicated team of volunteers comprising of 20 crew, fundraisers and a local branch. The station currently operates a 11.6m Mersey-class lifeboat,

‘RNLB The Royal Thames’. This type of vessel is ideally suited to working in the varied and treacherous coastlines of Harris, Skye and Uist and into the adjacent Atlantic areas, including St. Kilda.

While the lifeboat gives its crew the confidence to go out in all weathers and return home safely, there is one significant safety improvement needed at the lifeboat station itself: a new pontoon berth. Such a facility would allow the crew to be able to reach their lifeboat more safely and quickly, saving precious minutes which could make all the difference between life and death for a casualty at sea.

It will also increase the ease and safety with which disabled casualties can be taken ashore.

To make this possible, Leverburgh Lifeboat Station is launching an appeal to raise £60,000 towards the sum required to make the new fixed pontoon a reality. A generous donation of £10,000 has already been received.