Light up your rooms and lighten your electricity bills

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Many islanders will soon be switching on a new way to save money as TEAS (The Energy Advisory Service) is recommending that residents use LED bulbs to save around 90% of their lighting costs each year.

The new LED lights look just like old fashioned standard bulbs but they are much cheaper to run and could be far more popular than the more familiar odd shaped low energy versions, which take time to warm up and usually give out lower levels of light.

Brian Whitington from TEAS says: “The benefits of LED are clear, significantly reduced bills, good quality light and no funny shaped bulbs. If you want to see them working, come into TEAS (based at 41A Point Street, Stornoway) and we will demonstrate them.”

Showing the cost efficiency of LED lights compared to standard bulbs: a 60W standard bulb costs around 15p per day to run, whilst a 6W LED light would cost just 1p.

Saving of £1.1 million a year

If all the households in the Western Isles were to change four bulbs to the LED versions it would mean an overall £254,000 cost to buy them, but would save £1.1 million a year on electricity bills.

TEAS has just been awarded £10,000 from Energy Action Scotland to fit these bulbs in 300 local households where there is a carer.

Councillor Uisdean Robertson, Chair of the Health and Social Care Committee, welcomed the funding news, saying: “Installing these energy efficient light bulbs will directly combat fuel poverty and make a positive difference to users of our home care service; especially when replacing lights that spend the most time lit, e.g. main living areas, outside porch, etc.

“External house lights will potentially be more likely to be left on enhancing the safety of care staff, travelling to some of our more remote areas in the coming winter months.”

And if you would like to switch your bulbs you can buy them online at LEDHUT ( The bulbs last around five years and are priced at around £5/6 plus VAT, but islanders will receive a 20 per cent discount by entering the code: hebrides20

Alternatively you can buy the bulbs locally from Lighting Electrical or Yesss Electrical.

Pictured is Brian Whitington with the new LED blubs.