Lightning struck Barra flight confirms Loganair

Loganair Twin Otter aircraft
Loganair Twin Otter aircraft

FLIGHT operators Loganair have confirmed an aircraft flying between Glasgow and Barra was struck by lightning during high winds on Monday afternoon.

Ten passengers and two crew were unhurt and the aircraft landed safely at Barra after passengers reported hearing a loud bang and seeing a flash as strong winds battered the aircraft.

Upon landing the Twin Otter aircraft was inspected and the wing top showed tell-tale signs of a strike.

Loganair chief operating officer Phil Preston said: “On Monday afternoon the captain of a Twin Otter travelling from Barra to Glasgow with 10 passengers and two crew on board reported a lightning bolt close to the aircraft.

“As is standard procedure with incidents such as these, an inspection was later completed by our engineering crew in our hangar at Glasgow Airport. There was evidence that a wing tip had been struck, but the Twin Otter was cleared to continue operations.

“Such incidents are not uncommon when flying in adverse weather and our pilots and aircraft are perfectly capable of dealing with these situations when they arise.”