Litter Day of Action plans to clean up streets

A Litter Day of Action will highlight the issue and crack down on people caught discarding their rubbish irresponsibly.

The Litter Day of Action, takes place today, Friday June 6th, co-ordinated by the country’s leading charity for the environment, Keep Scotland Beautiful, aims to raise the profile of litter enforcement, stressing to the public that dropping litter is a crime.

The Chair of The Comhairles Environmental and Protective Services Committee, Councillor Kenneth Murray, said: “The Consumer and Environmental Services team of the Comhairle carry out regular litter and dog fouling patrols, focusing on known problem areas. This Day of Action gives us the opportunity to highlight that littering is not acceptable and we will continue working in partnership with Police Scotland to deal with issues that affect our communities.”

Chief Inspector Alasdair MacLeod of the Police Scotland Divisional Co-ordination Unit in Inverness said: “Our community police officers across the Highlands and Islands welcome the opportunity to work with our partners on joint-enforcement patrols during the Litter Day of Action.

“Litter and dog fouling impacts on everyone’s quality of life and Police Scotland supports any initiative to tackle the issue.”

Over 16,000 Fixed Penalty Notices were issued for littering in Scotland during 2012/13 – one for every 184 people. The Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) for littering was increased from £50 to £80 and to £200

for flytipping in April this year.

Local authorities and police officers across Scotland, in partnership with Keep Scotland Beautiful, will be prioritising enforcement between 6 and 12 June, issuing FPNs to anyone they see dropping litter, flytipping, or not picking up after their dog.

Half of the people in Scotland admit to littering at some point in their lives and 71% have seen someone else littering.

Carole Noble, Head of Environmental Services at Keep Scotland Beautiful, said: “This is the seventh Scottish annual Enforcement Day, and we applaud the joined-up approach to raising the profile of environmental enforcement.

“With 700,000 items littered each day in Scotland we need a combined approach of education and enforcement. The day highlights that you can and will get fined for littering, which will continue to turn the tide on litter-dropping habits.”