Local bakery recognised

Lewis based Stag Bakeries are celebrating the winning of a new award by the Scotland Food and Drink Skills Academy which recognises the company’s support and commitment to staff training.

Manager Donnie MacLeod said: “We are delighted to have been among the first in Scotland to receive this award. It is very rewarding to have our commitment to staff development and training recognised by such a body, and is a reflection of our staff’s dedication to developing their skills in food manufacture.

The awards were presented at the recent Scottish Bakers annual conference in Peebles by Sylvia Halkerston, Chair of the Scotland Food and Drink Skills Academy (SFDSA), who is also the HR Director at Macphie of Glenbervie.

Sylvia explained: “Our aims are to safeguard craft skills and raise awareness of different product innovation, plant technologies and leadership skills. The end result is well trained staff and low staff turnover – something the whole industry must strive for.”

Alan Clarke Chief Executive of Scottish Bakers was delighted that the bakery sector has been recognised in this way, saying: “The commitment shown by bakeries in Scotland to protect the craft skills that so skilfully produce the products that Scottish customers love so much, is to be commended. There is nothing like the freshness and quality that you get when buying from a craft baker. It’s easy to forget that the delicious product that you are eating was just a bunch of ingredients a few hours earlier.”