Local MSP says the Western Isles was worth waiting for

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The SNP has celebrated victory in the European Elections – both in the Western Isles and throughout Scotland.

The 43% share which the SNP won in the islands was the best result for the SNP, and contributes to an outcome which puts the SNP first in Scotland.

Alasdair Allan commented: “I’m delighted that seven years into an SNP Government, the SNP are still winning elections and, in the Western Isles, doing so in some style.

“Despite relentless publicity, which sections of the media offered to UKIP throughout this campaign, this deeply intolerant party only came fourth in Scotland and scarcely got a tenth of the vote in the Western Isles.

“I believe the SNP did well because we are offering a vision for a better Scotland at a time when the UK parties are offering nothing but hostility towards Scotland and our ambitions.

“The Western Isles was the last part of Scotland to count its votes but it was well worth waiting for.”